April 6, 2016

What ?


What we truly do:

We share the knowledge. We describe science-based conclusions on how plant-based nutrition improves health, and show you where to get your own information.

We share the skills. We can show you how to make the transition to the WFPB lifestyle. We show you what to buy and what not to buy, show you WFPB cooking techniques, offer menu suggestions for different kinds of foods and cuisines, and give guidance, support, and help along the way.


What we don’t do:

The Way To Your Health does not treat or diagnose any disease, or offer professional counselling on nutrition, or offer any other professional healthcare service. You should discuss changes in nutrition with your doctor.

Do you need The Way To Your Health?

You may not. People can get all the information they need by themselves. But if you’d like supportive guidance and information we offer programs to get you started faster, easier, and effectively. Starting can be the hardest part. Let us help

The Programs

Different people want or need different things. So we give you a menu with choices. Pick whichever appeal to you. Each unit is customized to your interests, needs and desires. Programs come in three types, the presentations, practical training, and ongoing support.

The Presentations


Let’s Get Acquainted

Cost: Free

This may be all new to you, Why spend money for something that sounds awful? This unit gives you a free hour to get the facts for an informed decision.

Anywhere else in life, when you see a free offer, don’t take it because it is a trap. Not here. Don’t get me wrong. I would like people to buy my services. But even more important is helping people to find out about WFPB and learn to integrate it into their lives. If you would like my help I do have guidance and support to offer for a fair price, as shown in the accompanying units. But in this unit I just want you to learn what the facts are.

I’m willing to invest an hour free—with truly no obligation—to explain WFPB to you.

Isn’t your health worth an hour?

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Movie Night

Cost: Free ($5.00 donation desired but not required)

Tuesday evenings, on the third floor of my offices, we show documentary films on WFPB (Forks Over Knives, PlantPure Nation, and filmed presentations by Dr. Michael Gregor from NutritionFacts .org.) WFPB seasoned popcorn is included. Discussion and questions will follow the showing. This is a great way to start to get informed on the WFPB lifestyle.

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The Why’s & Wherefores of WFPB

 Cost: Private (1-3 people) $60/hr.; Group (4-10) $15/person/hr.

wfpb stuffed eggplant

stuffed eggplant

This unit

  • Summarizes in some detail the health reasons for WFPB addressing particularly heart disease, cancer, obesity, and depression
  • Offers numerous hand-outs on meals and snacks to try, and the principles of the WFPB lifestyle
  • Tells where to find prepared foods which fit the WFPB criterion, and how to recognize what does not
  • Provides samples of WFPB foods (some quite surprising)
  • Present plans for how to transition to WFPB

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The Immersion

Cost: Private (1-3 people) $60/hr.; Group (4-10) $15/person/hr.

WFPB putting it all together

putting it all together

This unit puts everything all together in one 3 ½ hour block.

  • Choose some menus and review WFPB principles regarding health and cooking.
  • Review ingredients and techniques
  • Go to the supermarket, learn about labels and where ingredients and WFPB prepared foods can be found
  • Cook together at your house

Some time prior to the session is needed to discuss the kinds of foods you like to eat. This can be done by email or telephone.

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Practical Training

Basic Cooking Lesson

Cost: Private (1-3 people) $60/hr.; Group (4-10) $15/person/hr.


wfpb making almond milk

Many people feel uncomfortable in the kitchen, and never learned the basics. This unit provides them.

  • The utensils: different knives, peelers, graters, mortar and pestle
  • Machines: food processor, blender, immersion blender, spice grinder
  • Preparing, peeling, slicing, dicing, and chopping onions, garlic, ginger, leafy greens and non-leafy vegetables, and hot peppers too.
  • Cooking techniques: steaming, no-oil frying, boiling, broiling baking, using parchment paper, microwaving

Typically this unit is done in the home of a participant

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The WFPB Cooking Lesson

Cost: Private (1-3 people) $60/hr.;Group (4-10) $15/person/hr.

WFPB group demonstration with peter druian

This unit has some overlap with the Basic unit, but the focus is on techniques which are frequent in WFPB cooking and rarer in more traditional cooking. As always, your needs and interest determines what gets covered.

  • No-oil “frying” of onions and other vegetables
  • No-oil “French fries”
  • Making parchment paper fit the baking pan
  • Making nut-based pesto, hummus, and salad dressings in the blender
  • Assembling the veggie-wrap sandwich
  • Making plant-based milks
  • Crisping and seasoning kale in oven and microwave, popping and seasoning popcorn
  • Making quick chili and soup

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The Supermarket Visit

Cost: Private (1-3 people) $60/hr.; Group (4-10) $15/person/hr.

This unit is all about finding WFPB ingredients and also finding WFPB prepared foods, learning to distinguish condiments from foods, learning to read labels to distinguish foods from manufactured food-like products, and importantly, too, learning to relax, enjoy shopping, and not seek plant perfection while doing all this. Many WFPB recipes call for ingredients that may be new to you such as quinoa, sucanat, flax seed, and chili paste. This units shows you where they are and what they are for.

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Ongoing Support

Electronic Contact

Changing to a whole new way of eating, or just adding new WFPB foods, can bring questions and doubts. We offer ways to connect when you need to. Electronically we can talk, by voice on the telephone, we can write through texting or email, and we can talk and see each other via various programs for smartphone or computer (Hangouts, TeamBuilder or Skype). We offer these services free for the occasional need, and for $10 per session for twice weekly electronic meetings. And we will help you to use any of these apps if they are unfamiliar.

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