April 6, 2016


Helping you transition is what I do.


This all sounds radical and crazy!

  • Is it?
  • Why even consider it?

Here is why.

It sounds radical because whatever you are used to eating feels normal. If you grew up where you mostly ate standard American fare, then the idea of exclusively plant based whole foods will sound odd and could even appall you. You anticipate feeling deprived, left out, hungry, uncomfortable, and very dissatisfied while craving what you are “not supposed” to have.

That’s not what happens. After all, you don’t have to change everything at once, though that itself can be a good choice. You can slowly increase the plant based meals. Give yourself a chance to discover for yourself how enjoyable they are, how easy and economical they can be, and how good you feel from them. You find yourself not deprived but instead delighted with all the new foods and flavors. And while you are eating foods that taste really good you can see your health improving within weeks. But you do need a little while to try it and to get accustomed to some of the changes and flavors.

whole foods plant based lifestyle right way

Because the WFPB lifestyle can feel so different, the reflex reaction is to reject it for many different reasons. Read them here, and some reasons to reconsider.

But why consider it? Here is why. The Standard American Diet is killing you. And the Whole Food Plant Based Lifestyle tastes really good but you can not know that until you try it.

The Way To Your Health, man choosing whole foods plant based lifestyleYou get your choice: The Standard American Diet or The Whole Foods Plant Based Lifestyle. The more you chose one, the higher your odds of disease, premature death, pain, and needing medications, with all their cost and side effects. The more you chose the other, the better your odds for a long, healthy, vigorous, and happy life.The Way To Your Health, man choosing whole foods plant based lifestyle over medicine Meat, dairy, oil, and processed foods are associated with heart disease, cancer, obesity, COPD, stroke, diabetes, kidney stones, gout, macular degeneration, MS, liver disease, rheumatoid arthritis, asthma, erectile dysfunction, irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn’s disease, and with depression and dementia as well. All the diseases you see drugs being advertised for can be treated by—FOOD! And that is because it was the consumption of things harmful to the body that were the biggest causes of the diseases in the first place. You really are very likely to be able to reduce the risk of these things 70%, 80% and even 100% by switching to whole food plant based eating. And to arrest and reverse the diseases if you have them now.

Is that really true? Research on nutrition is often hijacked by big money interests—just like research was offered for years purporting to show smoking not to be harmful. But unbiased research is available. (Note: a reminder from your Science 101 class: Science is not absolute, unchangeable Truth. It is instead a consensus conclusion gathered from the best available evidence presented in peer-reviewed journals. Scientific conclusions do change when new special cases are found or new complex interactions are elucidated.) But the consensus conclusion exists and is well stated by the Kaiser-Permanente Foundation Journal, (Tuso et al., 2013) “physicians should recommend a plant-based diet to all their patients.”  The references for that conclusion are given here.

So, you want to be healthy and happy? Then look into WFPB. You want to keep eating the way you are used to? Then at least consider small changes because even that can make a health difference. The Way to Your Health is here to help you.