The Way to your Health

Guidance to a Whole Food Plant Based Lifestyle

The “secret” is no secret at all. The more you eat plants—ALL types of plants–and the less you eat meat, dairy, oil and processed food the better your health, in all the ways listed above.
This is the Whole Food Plant Based (WFPB) lifestyle.
OK, initially it sounds shocking.

But the REAL shock is what you don’t know
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I am Peter Druian. I practiced as a psychologist for 30 years, with a PhD from Yale. I know something about health behavior.
I’ve seen benefits personally (losing 30 pounds, eliminating high blood pressure and high cholesterol) and I’ve seen others eliminate rheumatoid arthritis and life-long asthma. My practice was psychotherapy, but I saw people who switched to WFPB feeling better from it.
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We share the knowledge. We describe science-based conclusions on how plant-based nutrition improves health, and show you where to get your own information.
We share the skills. We can show you how to make the transition to the WFPB lifestyle. We show you what to buy and what not to buy, show you WFPB cooking techniques, offer menu suggestions for different kinds of foods and cuisines, and give guidance, support, and help along the way.
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Different people want and need different things. So we give you choices. Pick whichever appeal to you. Each unit is customized to your interests, needs and desires. There is some overlap in what different units offer.

There are: Introductions, Presentations, Practical Trainings, and Ongoing Support

For no–fee introductions choose:

Let’s Get Acquainted


  • This may be all new to you, Why spend money for something that sounds awful? This unit gives you a free hour to get the facts for an informed decision
  • Anywhere else in life, when you see a free offer, don’t take it because it is a trap. Not here.
  • I would like people to buy my services. But even more important is helping people to find out about WFPB and learn to integrate it into their lives. If you would like my help I do have guidance and support to offer for a fair price, as shown in the accompanying units. But in this unit I just want you to learn what the facts are.
  • I’m willing to invest an hour free, with truly no obligation, to explain WFPB to you.
  • Isn’t your health worth an hour?
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  • Tuesday nights we show WFPB documentary films.
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For in-depth presentations choose:

The Why’s & Wherefores

Cost Varies

  • This unit is mostly presenting information to you about WFPB and health.
  • It offers numerous hand-outs on meals and snacks to try, and the principles of the WFPB lifestyle
  • about dishes to prepare
  • about how to recognize what is health-promoting and what is health-damaging, and about how to transition to WFPB.
  • The curriculum is geared towards your needs and interests.
  • The cost is $60/hour for a private presentation (1-3 people) or $15/person/hour for a group presentation (4-10 people).
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The Immersion

Cost Varies

  • Choose some menus and review WFPB principles regarding health and cooking.
  • Review ingredients and techniques
  • Go to the supermarket, learn about labels and where ingredients and WFPB prepared foods can be found
  • Cook together at your house
  • Some time prior to the session is needed to discuss the kinds of foods you like to eat. This can be done by email or telephone
  • The cost for the private session (1-3 people) is $60/ hour (or $210 for the unit) or for the group session (4-8 people) $15/person/hour.
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For Hand-On Training Choose:

Basic Cooking Lesson

Cost Varies

  • This unit is for learning the basics of cooking and becoming comfortable in the kitchen.
  • Typically this unit is done at the house of a participant.
  • The cost is $60/hour for a private presentation (1-3 people) or $15/person/hour for a group presentation (4-7 people)
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WFPB Cooking Lesson

Cost Varies

  • This unit covers the techniques of WFPB cooking
  • like frying, crisping, caramelizing without oil, and many more techniques
  • The cost is $60/hour for a private presentation (1-3 people) or $15/person/hour for a group presentation (4-7 people)
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Off to the Supermarket

Cost Varies

  • We meet at a supermarket–to be chosen together–and there find where are the healthy ingredients and foods, and where are the unfamiliar ingredients, and we review how to read the labels of products.
  • The cost is $60/hour for a private presentation (1-3 people) or $15/person/hour for a group presentation (4-7 people). The visit takes an hour and is used to purchase many of the foods you will be using.
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For Support

Ongoing Support

Cost Varies

  • We offer ways to connect when you need to.
  • Electronically we can talk, by voice on the telephone, we can write through texting or email, and we can talk and see each other via various programs for smartphone or computer (Hangouts, TeamBuilder or Skype).
  • We offer these services free for the occasional need, and for $10 per 15 minute session for twice weekly electronic meetings. And we will help you to use any of these apps if they are unfamiliar.
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